A family tradition

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the origin

Coca de Folgueroles® is a family tradition going back many years in the village of Folgueroles, the gateway to the Guilleries region. This popular rustic artisan bread from the Osona region is now found all over Spain.

Josep Pascuet

Master craftsman

Our master craftsman Josep Pascuet has great experience and knowledge of baking. Patient and methodical, day after day he shapes each and every one of our cocas. His humility and respect infuses Coca de Folgueroles® with the great taste you enjoy.

Family tradition

Coca de Folgueroles® is slow food made by hand. Dough made with the finest flour and yeast is kneaded and pulled out by hand. After scoring the coca, we ferment it over eight hours and pull it into shape before baking.


We select the best raw materials on the market and use totally artisan techniques to make our own dough.

Preparation areas

Our production centre in Folgueroles has modern preparation areas, fully equipped with controlled fermentation chambers and ovens for up to 50 cocas at a time, ensuring a natural, fresh product of quality.

Our team

Josep Pascuet and our team of dedicated professionals personally take charge of production, sales and dispatch, so our coca goes directly from oven to table with no middlemen.