Crystal coca bread


The crystal coca bread is a family baking tradition, a patient artisan craft in contrast to the frenetic pace of modern industrial production. Traditional know-how is the key ingredient in baking our coca.


We make crystal coca bread from selected 100% natural raw materials in order to create an original quality product.

Finest flour

Selected flour and yeast in our dough ensures the quality of the end product. We only use specific flour and yeast to ensure the quality of our crystal coca bread.


We knead the dough by hand and shape it. We let it ferment and score it. Then we pull each piece out by hand, following the traditional technique our parents taught us, preventing elimination of secondary fermentation air pockets, so as to keep the distinctive texture of crystal coca bread.

8 hours of fermentation

A good crystal coca bread takes time. That's why we let our dough ferment over eight hours before baking.

Limited production

Our fresh product is made by hand in limited batches. We control the number of crystal coca breads in each bake. Fifty crystal coca breads in each batch is the right number to ensure quality even for large production runs.


Fresh and natural

Once baked, the product has to be kept fresh. We wrap the crystal coca breads in paper and keep them in cardboard boxes containing 10 - 15 units. We offer a daily delivery service to provide you with the best coca for your meals every day.

Traditional methods and patience are needed to make crystal coca bread. A distinctive crystal coca bread, well-known for its crunchy crust, porous crumb and unique taste.